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Finding the least complicated solution for customer constraints is our mission. CGSL products include:

cgslicon Mobile applications.

cgslicon Getaway connectivity.

cgslicon Competitive data analysis.

cgslicon E-commerce | SaaS

cgslicon Cloud Based OLAP | OLTP

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At Capital Group, our biggest asset is our ability to consult, develop, integrate and manage technology services, all under one roof.
Our technical know-how and skill coupled with our business process capability enables us to deliver the client’s business objectives for their enhanced digital needs.

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Enterprise-grade Secure Web Protection with advance Data Leak Prevention.
Comprehensive Next-Generation Firewall protection that blocks unknown threats, automatically responds to incidents, and exposes hidden risks on your network.
Advanced Endpoint Protection coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience.
Protect your virtual and physical servers without sacrificing performance, including one-click Server Lockdown.

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As digital tools flourish, so too do the number of client demands and internal stresses to deliver digital-ready products and services. This urgent need to create and act on a digital strategy gives rise to a host of complex problems that enterprises must sort out quickly—or risk falling behind.
To Deal with customer demands, IT, system technology, consulting, and operations services are provided by implementing systems integration on growth strategy and operational transformation.

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At CGSL , we succeed by creating transformative and inspirational results. Our team of digital marketing and design experts continually strives to deliver better digital experiences for your audience via search engines, social media channels, online media and your own website. Creating a unique amalgam of strategy, interactive design, and production is our key to success. Above all, we succeed when you succeed.

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Capital Group SL provides Solutions for security systems design for large scale commercial/private sector across the globe. It deals in specific Vertical Markets whereby servicing the needs of its Clients by consolidating relationships with High Tech Surveillance Vendors. The approach defined in securing the right solution is based on the highest level of CONFIDENTIALITY for both its parties. Maintaining integrity & confidentiality is of essence to us.

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